"Knot it Up"
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​1 Start with end in left hand extending 1-1/2” below that in right hand.

2 Cross longer end over shorter and pass up through loop.

3 Form front loop of bow by doubling up shorter end (hanging) and placing across collar points.

4 Hold this front loop with thumb and forefinger of left hand. Drop long end down over front. 
5 Place right forefinger, pointing up, on bottom half of hanging part. 

6 Pass behind front loop.

7 Poke resulting loop through knot behind front loop.

8 Even ends and tighten.

**Just like tying a shoe! 
**HINT: Try tying it around your leg for practice.

Tips For Tying Reversible Ones

If you would like a certain color make sure the color you want is the shorter side; the one that you fold first. The longer side will be the one you wrap over the folded one. If you would like each side to be one of each color you need to pull one from behind in front.